We’re proud to call ourselves a Salesforce company because we’ve seen the software significantly improve our clients’ marketing campaigns and even transform the way they run their business.

One of the most popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, Salesforce helps to manage customer data, facilitates team communication, can be integrated with social media and provides valuable insights into your online activities and client interactions.

Why do we use Salesforce?

There are many CRM systems available so what makes Salesforce so special? Having worked with the brand for many years now, a few of our top benefits include:

  • It’s one of the world’s leading cloud-based CRM system providers
  • They’re always innovating their products to ensure they’re offering solutions to suit modern businesses
  • Systems can be customised to suit the requirements of businesses of all sizes
  • It’s easy to use which is great for clients who are new to CRM systems
  • Updates and upgrades are automatic so it’s one less thing you have to worry about
  • It’s scalable – you pay based on the number of users you have so you can upgrade or downgrade depending on the needs of your business at the time
  • It can be integrated with almost any other software

How will my business benefit from a CRM system?

When using a CRM system, you simply upload any important customer information you want to keep. This could be a new lead, a change to contact details, a customers’ social media profile or products they’ve expressed an interest in.

All this information is then stored in one easy-to-access place, so you never have to worry about important data getting lost. This helps businesses to become more efficient and manage key relationships much more efficiently.

For more information about CRM systems and how they can benefit you, get in touch with Transformation Marketing  and one of our expert Salesforce consultants will be happy to answer any questions.


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